Clear Saved Data

Calculating your grade:

Enter all of the weights and category names, and your current scores. Then click calculate.

What grade do I need to get a "x"?

Enter your desired grade into box, then enter all the weights and scores that you have, and the leave the one you are curious about blank. Then click "Estimate".

I'm getting weird results!

Make sure all the values are in a good format. Weights should be in whole numbers, ie, 20% should be a 20 or 20.0. My Score should be either a fraction or a decimal, ie, 47/50 or 0.96

I like your work! Who are you?

Glad you like it! I'm a software developer, currently working at Google. I attended UC Berkeley, where I built this little hack in my first year. You can find out more about me on my personal site, see some projects on my GitHub, or connect with me on LinkedIn